How Panoramic Photography Is Achieved

Panoramic photography and its process has changed drastically over the decades. In general, a panoramic image is one that is wider than a typical photo and wider than the field of human vision. 360 photography is a popular way capture images that are too large for one single photo. For instance, landscapes that are too large to include in just one picture or large groups of people that cannot fit in a single view could be snapped as a panoramic view.

Panoramic images are taken using a number of different methods. Some are a bit more effective than others and some provide a higher quality of photograph as the end result. Professional photographers know how to ensure that the pixels of the image create a high quality shot and how to blend those pictures together in order to form a detailed and clear image. Professional equipment is often needed in order to provide a quality panoramic photo.

Wide angle and panoramic are not the same thing. A wide angle lens is used to take pictures that demand a wider field of view although they normally do not expand more than about 100 to 120 degrees. When they are not taken properly, these images can often look distorted. Wide angle pictures are typically taken with just one shot whereas panoramic images normally require several shots that are stitched together to form the completed image.

Panoramic photography is a bit more complicated than wide angled photography. The scale is larger, with some images ranging to a full 360 degrees. Without the right equipment and a bit of knowledge of photography in general, it would be nearly impossible to create a high quality panoramic image. A rotating panoramic camera can be used to take panoramic shots although the most common method is to take several images and then blend them together to create the final image. Some modern cameras even come with software and specific features that make blending or stitching the images together a bit easier.

Many professionals do use rotating cameras although they tend to be a bit expensive. This is likely one reason that stitching seems to be the most common form of creating panoramic images. It is important that the lighting be right on all shots and the images have to be taken in the proper sequence, ensuring that an overlap is done on each one. Overlapping simply means including a section in a new photograph of what was in the last photograph and this can be complicated to do without the proper experience.

Panoramic pictures can help to create virtual tours and they are used widely in many different industries. Businesses such as real estate agencies use them to provide a better look at homes that they have listed for sale. Schools use panoramic images to shoot class pictures when classes are rather large. Whatever the reason, it is essential that a professional photographer take the images that are to be used to create this panoramic picture simply because they possess the experience and equipment needed to ensure a quality image.

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