Gmail App Undergoes Necessary Changes For iProducts

The free Gmail app for the iPad, iPod touch and the iPhone have appeared once again in the Apple application store. This newer version of the program is considered just as underwhelming as the previous. Only hours after the older versions release in the Apple store, November 2nd, the device was pulled off by Google. Apparently there were some bugs that caused error messages to pop up when the application was launched, and the notification feature of the program wasn’t working like it was supposed to. The newer Gmail application may have a few more features than Apple’s very own email client that comes bundled in with the iPad, but some claim that it’s really not that much better.

There are many praised features of the Gmail client, one of them being the universal search function, which allows the device user to search for any phrase or word that can be found in their messages. The application also has an auto-fill feature which simplifies the process of filling out fields from your Gmail address book. That is considered a huge plus for Gmail users because the native Apple email client will typically only auto-fill from the native contact application. Adding photos is also considered much faster and convenient with the Gmail app, as you simply just use a tiny widget at the top of your message to choose a photo from the iPad’s photo gallery.

Google strives to keep the newer app’s interface clean – there are now only five icons and a menu button in the new Gmail app, aside from the arrow icons for moving through a message list, and the sign out and help buttons. The notifications that were found in the original application are in the new one as well, for things such as new message arrivals.

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