Do You Need Dedicated or Shared Hosting?

Many businesses look for the best way to solve their server issues. Many choose a dedicated server as opposed to shared hosting because they feel that dedicated servers will better suit their needs. There are a number of options available for those who want dedicated hosting and Windows dedicated server is considered to be among the most popular choices. Windows offers a number of benefits including internet access around the clock, scalability, data backup and less downtime than other options. The security offered by Windows dedicated hosting is one reason that many businesses choose this over other options.

Some companies that offer Windows dedicated hosting also provide a few other features such as spam filtering, dedicated IP address, full support, enterprise firewall security and other options. Different companies offer different plans for hosting and can often customize the disk and memory space requirements for businesses. For companies that are looking for dedicated hosting options, Windows servers are an excellent choice.

Users typically enjoy guaranteed uptime of 100 percent. This means that unless there is a scheduled downtime for maintenance, you can always count on your server to be up and running. For many businesses, this is the main benefit. While many hosting companies guarantee uptimes of around 99 percent, some feel that that extra 1 percent is worth the extra cost for dedicated hosting. Dedicated server hosting is going to cost a bit more than shared hosting. One of the main benefits of shared hosting is the lower cost but if your business requires a dedicated hosting plan or you simply want that 100 percent guaranteed uptime, you may feel that the additional cost is worth it.

Some hosting companies will offer compensation for any downtime that you do experience. For instance, if you have a guaranteed uptime of 100 percent and your server goes down, some hosts will reimburse you for the cost of hosting during that unscheduled downtime. You should understand that scheduled downtime does not qualify you for reimbursement but your hosting company will alert you of any scheduled maintenance that will cause your server to be down.

Many businesses make the choice between dedicated and shared hosting and what is right for one business may simply not be right for you. You will need to consider the advantages of both types of hosting before you make your ultimate selection. Dedicated hosting companies offer perks like DNS control panels so that you can add your domains, unlimited email accounts and other features. Most dedicated and share hosting packages give you features like around the clock customer support, unlimited subdomains and a host of other features that can help you to better manage the online aspect of your business.

If you require dedicated hosting, Window servers are a good choice. If you prefer to save money on your hosting however, you may be able to get by with shared hosting. You will need to consider your specific needs regarding hosting to determine whether dedicated or shared is right for your business.

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