Are Digital Downloads and Streaming the Future of Gaming?

There was a time when all games were packaged hard-copy, either in clunky plastic cartridges or on CD, but now, things are different. The advent of streaming technology and the increased reliability of online service has created a new environment where consumers are able to get the games they want, when they want, without leaving the home.

Can I play my old favorites?

Yes! Modern game manufacturers know their audience, and they know the strong nostalgia we have for our childhood favorites. Services like Steam and the Wii Console let players download their old favorites onto new platforms for a minimal fee.

What about games for my smartphone/tablet?

The beauty of modern gaming is the ever-diminishing price tag that comes with playing modern games. Touch screen technology allows a greater degree of simplicity for gamers that want it, and increased realism for those who crave that in-the-action feeling. Whether you’re using a catapult to launch the famously angry birds at the evil piggies or tackling the latest brain-teaser (PuzzleJuice is one we can’t put down!) it’s easier than ever before to digitally download the perfect game for you, and next to no cost!

What are the advantages of digital downloads?

At the top of our list are the obvious environmental benefits! With no packaging to dispose of, and no waste produced by manufacturing hard copies, digital downloads dramatically cut the ecological footprint of the gaming industry. Not to mention it frees up the space on your shelves! Want to free up even more? Ever found yourself saying, “I need to sell my games“, but not know where to start? Try selling them online for a quick cash infusion!

More than anything, digital downloads and streaming allow the consumer to interact directly with the manufacturer: this means more patches, updates, unique bonus content and tech support, whenever you need it. Finally, digital downloads allow you to seamlessly switch between games and services for a completely revolutionary gaming experience! Who would want to go back?

How can I make the most out of digital downloads and streaming?

The most important thing to do is to make sure you have a fast internet connection that is equipped with the appropriate bandwidth to meet your downloading needs. Next, you’ll need a powerful router to handle all your data. Finally, you’ll want to make sure your internet security settings are up to date, to avoid piracy and cyber-theft.

But what if I like console gaming? I’m not sure I want to play on a PC.

No problem! Most modern consoles are equipped for digital downloads and streaming, and if yours isn’t, you can always check around online for an upgrade.

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