Apple, Google Tracking Technology Stirs Privacy Protection Concerns

Experts are saying that in regards to Apple and Google’s location tracking privacy issues, there may be some who want to be tracked, and that most people will fall into that category in the near future. The two media giants have been summoned to a Senate hearing to discuss privacy issues after it was revealed that both companies are tracking their user’s historical location data. Apple is even facing a federal lawsuit on the matter. All of it is focused on the alleged violations of the user’s privacy. Still, there are those who believe that there is reason to accept this kind of tracking, albeit under heavily defined privacy protection rules.

The data that Apple collects is currently hidden deep within the iOS, in a file called “consolidated.db” this particular file contains within it a time-coded list of approximate positions of the phone based on previous geo-located Wi-Fi networks and cell phone masts. This file only became an issue when researches revealed last month how it could potentially be used to track a user’s position. The press went crazy about it. Apple defends itself how ever, stating that it does not track the user’s location, because none of the information is ever sent anywhere to begin with. It’s quite the same case with Google.

Recent patents suggest that all of this data collection could soon be used for security measures such as location verification and even emergency calling, and that device owners should not worry so much about it.

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