Amazon’s New Tablet PC Said To Give iPad A Good Challenge

Amazon Inc is preparing to launch their new tablet computer this year which will extend the e-commerce lead’s position in the battlefield of technological dominance, according to analysts and investors. The tablet will feature a 9-inch screen, and will be set to run on Google’s Android operating system. Analysts and investors have been waiting for an Amazon tablet for a long time now, and believe that its release will only serve to better the record high company shares that were seen in early July. It seems that Amazon’s plan is to utilize their new tablet in a way that will encourage its device users to purchase additional digital media from their store. There are at least 1.5 million Amazon tablets in the making for the third quarter and up to 5 million units total for the year of 2011.

This move will certainly fire up the competition between Amazon and Apple Inc, with the Amazon tablet being perhaps the first to challenge the iPad’s popularity. Apple is currently following a similar digital media route by selling their digital books, music and videos through iTunes. Some analysts think that the upcoming Amazon tablet will only be the number two player in the mobile world, and that it could be awhile before we even see that level of competition, as the newer tablets coming out haven’t even begun to take off yet. Amazon already has lots of content that tablet users will find highly compatible Kindle ebooks, music and video downloads, rentals and even streams.

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