5 Phones that put the iPhone in the Shade

With it’s 8MP iSight camera and improved camera that captures 1080p HD video, faster processor and ‘ask me anything’ Siri, Apple upped the ante yet again last year when it released its latest ‘must have’ product: the iPhone 4S.
If you’re thinking about getting a smartphone but you’re not sure about forking out for the iPhone 4 S (especially if you already have the iPhone 4), here are your best alternatives to consider.

First things first, ask yourself what’ll be the most important feature to you on your new phone other than making calls.

Need a better phone for playing music?
Apple may own the market when it comes to churning out iPods and launching iTunes, but the rumour online is that the headphones that come with the 4S are actually worse than the pair that came with the iPhone 4. HTC on the other hand, however, have joined up with Beats Audio and none other than the man himself, Dr. Dre, to produce a range of devices that come with their own headphones. The phones feature new software that tailors how your phone plays your music depending on which set of headphones is plugged-in. The collaboration has spawned the Sensation XE the first of HTC’s devices to come with Dr. Dre’s Beats Audio.

All the better to see you with
If taking photos is your thing, then the Nokia N8 has an outstanding camera. It features a 12MP resolution and a xenon flash for those perfect evening shots. The Symbian OS might come across as clumsy with fewer apps to choose from, but if you’re only really interested in some great snaps while you’re out and about (or especially those group shots on a night out), then the Nokia N8 won’t be a bad choice.

Androids over Apples?
If the Android operating system is more your kind of thing, you’ll love the Samsung Galaxy S3. According to the Daily Mail, the S3 is now Britain’s most popular smartphone, just two days after its launch. According to figures from uSwitch, the Android handset has outsold Apple’s iPhone 4S in just one month. With a whopping 4.8-inch Super Amoled HD screen, and an unbelievably lightweight feel (it’s 133g) , it’s super slim and won’t feel anywhere as chunky as the 4S.

No clashing with this Titan
The HTC Titan is another gargantuan handset measuring in at 4.7 inches and just slightly thicker than the iPhone 4S at 0.39 inches. Although the Windows phone may not have all the apps, for social network lovers, the Titan’s platform is really where it excels. Big screens are not to everyone’s taste, but for those who prefer the big screen, the HTC Titan fails to disappoint. For up-to-date information on mobile deals be sure to shop around online.

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