How Panoramic Photography Is Achieved

Panoramic photography and its process has changed drastically over the decades. In general, a panoramic image is one that is wider than a typical photo and wider than the field of human vision. 360 photography is a popular way capture images that are too large for one single photo. For instance, landscapes that are too large to include in just one picture or large groups of people that cannot fit in a single view could be snapped as a panoramic view.

Panoramic images are taken using a number of different methods. Some are a bit more effective than others and some provide a higher quality of photograph as the end result. Professional photographers know how to ensure that the pixels of the image create a high quality shot and how to blend those pictures together in order to form a detailed and clear image. Professional equipment is often needed in order to provide a quality panoramic photo.

Wide angle and panoramic are not the same thing. A wide angle lens is used to take pictures that demand a wider field of view although they normally do not expand more than about 100 to 120 degrees. When they are not taken properly, these images can often look distorted. Wide angle pictures are typically taken with just one shot whereas panoramic images normally require several shots that are stitched together to form the completed image.

Panoramic photography is a bit more complicated than wide angled photography. The scale is larger, with some images ranging to a full 360 degrees. Without the right equipment and a bit of knowledge of photography in general, it would be nearly impossible to create a high quality panoramic image. A rotating panoramic camera can be used to take panoramic shots although the most common method is to take several images and then blend them together to create the final image. Some modern cameras even come with software and specific features that make blending or stitching the images together a bit easier.

Many professionals do use rotating cameras although they tend to be a bit expensive. This is likely one reason that stitching seems to be the most common form of creating panoramic images. It is important that the lighting be right on all shots and the images have to be taken in the proper sequence, ensuring that an overlap is done on each one. Overlapping simply means including a section in a new photograph of what was in the last photograph and this can be complicated to do without the proper experience.

Panoramic pictures can help to create virtual tours and they are used widely in many different industries. Businesses such as real estate agencies use them to provide a better look at homes that they have listed for sale. Schools use panoramic images to shoot class pictures when classes are rather large. Whatever the reason, it is essential that a professional photographer take the images that are to be used to create this panoramic picture simply because they possess the experience and equipment needed to ensure a quality image.

The basics to building your own computer

These days, it’s not just dedicated geeks who are building their own computers. Everyone is getting in on it, because the benefits of building one definitely outweigh the benefits of getting a pre-made, branded computer.

Crafting your own tech gear can be a very rewarding experience. After you’ve done a tech purge and sold your stuff on, get your workbench clear for some construction. This is a basic guide to get you thinking about where to start when you want to build your computer.

Figuring out your finances

Firstly, you need to decide what your budget is. Generally speaking, you should be able to build a pretty fast, powerful machine for under a thousand dollars. Once you’ve ascertained your budget, you should start thinking about what you’re going to be using your computer for.

Do you intend it to be your one-stop shop for all of your gaming needs? Perhaps you’re a video editor who wants the ultimate editing suite. Or, you want it to be a production machine for music. Once you’ve figured out what you’re going to be using it for, you’ll be able to continue to the next stage.

Getting the basic requirements

Before you start getting specific, you’ll need the following parts as a minimum. You’ll need a case, firstly, and these can be ergonomic ones that are easier to carry, but are usually a little more expensive.

You’ll also need a motherboard, a processor, memory, a hard drive (or two, depending on your needs) and a video and sound card. Bear in mind, some motherboards come integrated with video and sound.

Other things you could throw in there are an LCD screen, a DVD drive, and a keyboard and mouse, provided you don’t already have these.

Motherboard and processor

Picking out the right processor for you is crucial. There’s no ‘right’ or ‘best’ processor – everything is dictated by your needs. Check online for comparison charts and what’s best for your requirements. Once you’ve picked one, you need to go over the specifications in order to determine what kind of motherboard you’ll need.

Your choices depend on the compatibility and features of the processor and motherboard you have in mind.

Video card and memory

Unless you play video games or you’re a video/film editor, you’ll only need a basic video card. You should always get a separate video card, if you want extra speed. Motherboards with integrated video will run slower.

As for memory, it ultimately depends on what operating system you’re using and its capabilities. There’s no point inundating your system with excessive memory, unless you really need it.

Hard drive

The general rule is to only buy SATA hard drives. They’re much faster than IDE drives. What you should also look out for are the ones with strong warranties, in case of failure. Try to buy one that has a lot of good reviews.

Tips on building the best gaming rig

It’s no secret that the current generation of consoles – and arguably the next – are on their way out as platforms for video gaming. Even if the new PS4 and Xbox 720 are advanced in their capabilities, they too will be outrun by the incredible development of PC processing power.

The latest trend, of course, is to build your own gaming ‘rig’, or computer. New PC games are best played on these types of computers, which are rigged up to provide the best gaming experience possible.

This article goes over just some of the basics to get you started with building your own gaming rig – bear in mind, it’s not an exhaustive list, but just a starting point to some of the more important components.

Picking a processor

When it comes down to gaming, there are only two microprocessor manufacturers – Intel and AMD Intel is the way to go, if you can afford it. AMD processors take up more power and are slower, but are more affordable. Core i7-3770 is extremely popular, not just for gaming, but for other ‘heavy’ tasks like video compression and encoding.

Quad-core processors are something you might want to have a look at, too. Most experts agree that dual-core processors aren’t exactly up to scratch with handling the latest requirements for games.

Graphics card

If you are going to spend most of your money on a single part for your computer, it should definitely be on your graphics card. If you want the absolute best and money is not an obstacle for you, you should go for the NVidia 690 – it’s the best money can buy, so expect to spend in between 800 to 1,000!

Other graphics cards that are close to the top, but cost less include the NVidia GTX 680 or the AMD HD 7970, which both cost around 400. For half that price, you could get the NVidia GTX 670 or 660 Ti.


The more expensive motherboards have additional components inside them, like fan-speed controllers and so on. What you need to concern yourself with is whether or not the socket type of your processor matches up with the motherboard.

Although motherboards support a wide variety of memory speeds, it’s important to match up the right type of memory to your motherboard. As long as you’re packing 8GB of RAM, you should be OK! Take into account whether or not you want to ‘overclock’ your system too.

10 essential apps for 2013

10 essential apps for 2013

The new year is well underway and everyone’s already debating who’s got the best app for the year. Which ones from last year will last through this year? And which ones won’t?

Judging by the statistics, it’s quite clear that the success of casino games has skyrocketed. It’s more than clear that a lot of people enjoying gambling while on the move. If you want to have a look at what everyone is going crazy over, visit a site like

This article will run through the top ten essential apps for this year.

10. 101 Great

This app is an absolute must-have for any footie fan. An offshoot from the popular footie video site, the app lines up all the Premier League goals for you to watch, one after the other, in a blaze of glory.

9. The Walking Dead: Assault

After a very rocky start, The Walking Dead television series on AMC has made it quite clear that the zombies aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. This has been reflected in the series’ latest ventures into video games, with apps included. The game is relatively unrelated, but quite fun.

8. British Airways Inspiration

If you’re tired of websites that constantly attempt to coerce you to go to somewhere ‘sunny’, try the new BA app for your phone. After entering when you want to travel and what type of holiday you want to have, it will helpfully make some suggestions, along with cheapest ways of getting there.

7. THX Tune-Up

Incredibly useful for a free app, THX Tune-Up basically helps you set up your TV and speakers in a room by assisting with positioning information. It also connects all the devices together, while tuning their settings.

6. Half-Inch Heist

If you’re in a silly mood, look no further. This game, from Mutant Labs, involves you trying to retrieve a diamond back from the evil Dr. Puss, making for a beautiful homage to retro gaming.

5. Anycabs

With this app, instead of cursing at the moon when you can’t find a minicab late at night, you can search through hundreds of different licensed minicab companies and book cabs, too.

4. Gangster Granny 2: Madness

If Half-Inch Heist didn’t do it for you, perhaps Gangster Granny 2 will. Yes, it does what it says on the tin – it features pensioners wielding all kinds of assault rifles. What more can you want?

3. Amplitube Jimi Hendrix

This one is pretty expensive, but it’s really quite fun, particularly if you play guitar and you’re a fan of Hendrix. Plug in your guitar to this emulator and you can recreate the very same Hendrix sound, with access to his studio and various pedals.

2. Fighting Fantasy: House of Hell

A throwback to retro dice-rolling gaming, it’s a steal for anyone who can remember the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks from the 1980s.

1. Star Trek App

Unfortunately only available in the US at the moment, this app has been released in the run-up to the sequel of the remake, and will have trekkies running around the country looking for billboards to snap among other viral games and competitions.

Are Digital Downloads and Streaming the Future of Gaming?

There was a time when all games were packaged hard-copy, either in clunky plastic cartridges or on CD, but now, things are different. The advent of streaming technology and the increased reliability of online service has created a new environment where consumers are able to get the games they want, when they want, without leaving the home.

Can I play my old favorites?

Yes! Modern game manufacturers know their audience, and they know the strong nostalgia we have for our childhood favorites. Services like Steam and the Wii Console let players download their old favorites onto new platforms for a minimal fee.

What about games for my smartphone/tablet?

The beauty of modern gaming is the ever-diminishing price tag that comes with playing modern games. Touch screen technology allows a greater degree of simplicity for gamers that want it, and increased realism for those who crave that in-the-action feeling. Whether you’re using a catapult to launch the famously angry birds at the evil piggies or tackling the latest brain-teaser (PuzzleJuice is one we can’t put down!) it’s easier than ever before to digitally download the perfect game for you, and next to no cost!

What are the advantages of digital downloads?

At the top of our list are the obvious environmental benefits! With no packaging to dispose of, and no waste produced by manufacturing hard copies, digital downloads dramatically cut the ecological footprint of the gaming industry. Not to mention it frees up the space on your shelves! Want to free up even more? Ever found yourself saying, “I need to sell my games“, but not know where to start? Try selling them online for a quick cash infusion!

More than anything, digital downloads and streaming allow the consumer to interact directly with the manufacturer: this means more patches, updates, unique bonus content and tech support, whenever you need it. Finally, digital downloads allow you to seamlessly switch between games and services for a completely revolutionary gaming experience! Who would want to go back?

How can I make the most out of digital downloads and streaming?

The most important thing to do is to make sure you have a fast internet connection that is equipped with the appropriate bandwidth to meet your downloading needs. Next, you’ll need a powerful router to handle all your data. Finally, you’ll want to make sure your internet security settings are up to date, to avoid piracy and cyber-theft.

But what if I like console gaming? I’m not sure I want to play on a PC.

No problem! Most modern consoles are equipped for digital downloads and streaming, and if yours isn’t, you can always check around online for an upgrade.

Choosing the Best Animation Software

The world of animation has changed drastically over the past few years. What begin with papers and multiple drawings can now be done through various software programs. In order to become an expert in animation, there are a number of things to consider. Choosing the right software program, particularly for beginners in this field, is essential.

There are a few key points that you have to consider when choosing animation software. If you are not an expert in this field, it can be difficult to determine which software program will best fulfill your needs. You may need to do a bit of research into various programs and see what features each offers and you have to understand that the cheapest program is not always the best choice. If you are looking to break into the animation field, you may feel that just any program will do for now. This may not be true. It is essential that you take the time to learn the specifics of each program that you are considering to ensure that it can do what you need it to do.

Even if you are simply planning to enjoy animation as a hobby, you should still strive to find the best software programs for your future projects. You will need to determine what specific features and tools are included in each program and choose the one that seems to offer what you need. Before you begin, you may want to take the time to learn a bit about animation using one of the free programs that are offered. Many companies offer free animation software and some provide free trials of paid software programs. Take your time and familiarize yourself with a few of these programs to see what key features you may need when you do purchase your own copy. This gives you the opportunity to gauge what is currently available and to get an idea of what you need so that when you do buy a program you can ensure that it has all of the tools and capabilities that you want.

Whether you are planning to make a career of animation or you simply want something to occupy your time, there are a few features that you should look for in a software program. Ensure that the program offers quality 3D content as well as illustrated tutorials that will help you to learn to use it effectively. Many programs come with full support and even video training that will ensure you use it to its full potential. Look for 3D modeling and tools that allow you to create high end 3D production and game design. Real time interaction and live playback is also important as it allows you to fully create games that you can play or sell, depending on why you want the animation software.

The cost is going to depend on which program you prefer. High end programs can cost hundreds of dollars but there are some that are relatively low in cost and these are perfect for those who simply want a bit of enjoyment from their own creations.

Modern Viewing: Fitting TV Into The Modern Lifestyle

Whilst new televisions are always being made and are always useful, watching television in the traditional format and manner is quickly becoming an outdated approach.

In the age of the internet and content-on-demand, being expected to sit down at a set hour to watch a new episode of your favourite show isn’t always possible. Many people are simply too busy; the TV isn’t the only thing calling for their time.

With this in mind, here are a number of ways to catch up and watch all your latest shows in a way that suits the modern lifestyle we’re all accustomed to.

Catch-Up Boxes

Many channels have catch-up services, but this usually isn’t on your TV. If you want the original experience, being able to watch new shows in your living room on your preferred viewing set-up and TV, then you need a way to get this onto the TV.

With the internet, this can be done very easily. All you need to do is invest in a BT Vision box. Rather than making sure you record everything beforehand, this handy little device lets you catch up on what you missed afterwards. So, even if you forget at the time, the programmes will still be waiting for you afterwards.

The Internet

Of course, you can always find these catch-up services online but watching shows on a computer just isn’t the same. Having to sit upright at a desk and watching through a smaller screen are all things that can ruin the experience.

In addition to this, it

How Can Mobile Sales Enablement Software Benefit Your Business?

Most consumers today use either smartphones and tablets to access the internet. What many retailers do not realize is that tablets can also be a very beneficial device for promotional activities. Tablets are easy to use and offer many applications that can help salespeople to more efficiently promote a product or service. When a tablet has mobile sales enablement software, it can become the most powerful tool in your sales arsenal.

Mobile sales enablement software allows your salespeople to access different presentations, information and generally provide a much more compelling sales presentation to your customers. The software can show information about your products or services in an attractive form that your target audience will appreciate. When you showcase your promotions in an attractive manner, your customers are going to be much more willing to purchase and this can help them to build a positive view of your brand in general.

Effectively communicating sales promotions to team members is essential in getting you the results that you want. This software will help your sales managers to more easily and effectively disseminate content to your sales team which will quickly result in a higher level of sales. You can collaborate different types of information like visual aids, competitive data, product information and even customer surveys to create a compelling sales promotion that will help you to reach your sales goals. Salespeople can better motivate customers into purchasing the product or service that you are promoting by having instant access to the data that is essential to support their claim. When your target audience is able to view this information in an attractive way, they are going to be much more inclined to follow through with the sale.

The software will allow your sales associates to better access needed information and to present this information to customers. They can plan their activities in a more organized way which saves time and because they will have access to information such as customer contact information, maps and calendars, they have everything that they need to efficiently do their jobs and bring you the desired results.

Saving time and money is of the essence and mobile sales enhancement software can ensure that you are using your sales team in the most efficient way. By adding more power to their sales efforts you are helping them to better perform sales tasks and help them to guarantee positive results. Many businesses have implemented this software and the use of tablets and found that customers respond much more positively to a sales pitch when that sales pitch is backed by attractive formats and interesting data. If you are looking for a way to instantly increase sales and help your team to better perform, mobile sales enablement software is a good first step. You will see a marked difference in how your sales team performs and how your customers react to sales promotions. You will also see a fast turnaround on your investment and higher projected sales for the future.

Do You Need Dedicated or Shared Hosting?

Many businesses look for the best way to solve their server issues. Many choose a dedicated server as opposed to shared hosting because they feel that dedicated servers will better suit their needs. There are a number of options available for those who want dedicated hosting and Windows dedicated server is considered to be among the most popular choices. Windows offers a number of benefits including internet access around the clock, scalability, data backup and less downtime than other options. The security offered by Windows dedicated hosting is one reason that many businesses choose this over other options.

Some companies that offer Windows dedicated hosting also provide a few other features such as spam filtering, dedicated IP address, full support, enterprise firewall security and other options. Different companies offer different plans for hosting and can often customize the disk and memory space requirements for businesses. For companies that are looking for dedicated hosting options, Windows servers are an excellent choice.

Users typically enjoy guaranteed uptime of 100 percent. This means that unless there is a scheduled downtime for maintenance, you can always count on your server to be up and running. For many businesses, this is the main benefit. While many hosting companies guarantee uptimes of around 99 percent, some feel that that extra 1 percent is worth the extra cost for dedicated hosting. Dedicated server hosting is going to cost a bit more than shared hosting. One of the main benefits of shared hosting is the lower cost but if your business requires a dedicated hosting plan or you simply want that 100 percent guaranteed uptime, you may feel that the additional cost is worth it.

Some hosting companies will offer compensation for any downtime that you do experience. For instance, if you have a guaranteed uptime of 100 percent and your server goes down, some hosts will reimburse you for the cost of hosting during that unscheduled downtime. You should understand that scheduled downtime does not qualify you for reimbursement but your hosting company will alert you of any scheduled maintenance that will cause your server to be down.

Many businesses make the choice between dedicated and shared hosting and what is right for one business may simply not be right for you. You will need to consider the advantages of both types of hosting before you make your ultimate selection. Dedicated hosting companies offer perks like DNS control panels so that you can add your domains, unlimited email accounts and other features. Most dedicated and share hosting packages give you features like around the clock customer support, unlimited subdomains and a host of other features that can help you to better manage the online aspect of your business.

If you require dedicated hosting, Window servers are a good choice. If you prefer to save money on your hosting however, you may be able to get by with shared hosting. You will need to consider your specific needs regarding hosting to determine whether dedicated or shared is right for your business.

5 Phones that put the iPhone in the Shade

With it’s 8MP iSight camera and improved camera that captures 1080p HD video, faster processor and ‘ask me anything’ Siri, Apple upped the ante yet again last year when it released its latest ‘must have’ product: the iPhone 4S.
If you’re thinking about getting a smartphone but you’re not sure about forking out for the iPhone 4 S (especially if you already have the iPhone 4), here are your best alternatives to consider.

First things first, ask yourself what’ll be the most important feature to you on your new phone other than making calls.

Need a better phone for playing music?
Apple may own the market when it comes to churning out iPods and launching iTunes, but the rumour online is that the headphones that come with the 4S are actually worse than the pair that came with the iPhone 4. HTC on the other hand, however, have joined up with Beats Audio and none other than the man himself, Dr. Dre, to produce a range of devices that come with their own headphones. The phones feature new software that tailors how your phone plays your music depending on which set of headphones is plugged-in. The collaboration has spawned the Sensation XE the first of HTC’s devices to come with Dr. Dre’s Beats Audio.

All the better to see you with
If taking photos is your thing, then the Nokia N8 has an outstanding camera. It features a 12MP resolution and a xenon flash for those perfect evening shots. The Symbian OS might come across as clumsy with fewer apps to choose from, but if you’re only really interested in some great snaps while you’re out and about (or especially those group shots on a night out), then the Nokia N8 won’t be a bad choice.

Androids over Apples?
If the Android operating system is more your kind of thing, you’ll love the Samsung Galaxy S3. According to the Daily Mail, the S3 is now Britain’s most popular smartphone, just two days after its launch. According to figures from uSwitch, the Android handset has outsold Apple’s iPhone 4S in just one month. With a whopping 4.8-inch Super Amoled HD screen, and an unbelievably lightweight feel (it’s 133g) , it’s super slim and won’t feel anywhere as chunky as the 4S.

No clashing with this Titan
The HTC Titan is another gargantuan handset measuring in at 4.7 inches and just slightly thicker than the iPhone 4S at 0.39 inches. Although the Windows phone may not have all the apps, for social network lovers, the Titan’s platform is really where it excels. Big screens are not to everyone’s taste, but for those who prefer the big screen, the HTC Titan fails to disappoint. For up-to-date information on mobile deals be sure to shop around online.